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A Truly ColderBolder 5K

I’m sitting with a warm cup of cocoa, topped with marshmallows and cinnamon, a welcomed warm-up after a cold and snowy ColderBolder 5K this morning! Snow was steadily falling when I went to bed and continued through the night. I was pretty nervous about the conditions when I woke up this morning, but I wasn’t about to let a little snow ruin my plans to run. That’s what running tights, hats, and gloves are for. :)

My racing buddy Lindsey and I met at packet pick-up inside the CU Fieldhouse. It was so nice to spend pre-race inside a heated building and use actual restrooms rather than port-o-potties. It’s the little things! Lindsey and I both confessed that we considered wimping out on the race due to nasty weather, but I’m sure Lindsey would agree that the snow made the race a little more adventerous! And we both did surprisingly well given the snowy/icy conditions.

The 5K started outside on 18th street and looped around campus with the finish on a dry straight away inside the Fieldhouse. It’s been a while since I last visited my Alma mater, so I enjoyed the little stroll run down memory lane

Originally, my plan was to take it slow and steady to avoid slipping/falling on ice patches. But once I got going, I quickly overcame my anxiety about the ice and found a comfortable pace. When I hit mile 1, I checked my watched and was surprised to see that I had run the first mile in under 9:00! That gave me all the motivation I needed to pick up my pace. That and I really wanted to beat the little girl running neck-and-neck with me.

I kept a lookout for mile 2, but I couldn’t find a posted sign. I kept checking my watch thinking, I must have past it by now! Finally, I overheard someone behind me say it was back at the water station, so I kicked it up another notch and gave the last mile my all! According to my watch, I came in right around 28:00, which was a big shock! I totally thought my time would bomb with the snow and ice on the ground. I was pleasantly surprised. Lindsey rolled in a minute or two behind me all smiles.

Ian wasn’t able to get a steady shot of either of us finishing because the light wasn’t cooperating, but he did capture good ol’ Saint Nick running the race. How very festive!

I absolutely LOVED the ColderBolder and will definitely do it again next year. This was my first ever winter race, and I am surprised by how much fun I had, even in the cold. I thought that I hated cold-weather running, but I think I proved myself wrong today.

After the race, Oskar Blues congratulated runners with a nice cold beer after the oh-so-cold run. For some reason, even on a super cold day, a post-race brew always sounds good! I enjoyed Mama’s Little Yella Pils, the perfect mix of refreshing and light – a great post-run beer.

After cheering on the last few finishers, Ian and I headed up to Longmont for a scrumptious, filling lunch at the Pumphouse. We split the garden wrap and a basket of regular and sweet potato fries and I washed it all down with a well-spiced bloody Mary (my favorite!).

I’m feeling very inspired to sign up for another race, possibly in February or March. Anybody have a recommendation for a fabulous spring race in Colorado?!


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  • Brendajoy11

    Hooray for you!!! I miss the snow! It looks so pretty…. better than our blackened hillsides! Glad you had a fun and successful day!